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Class Balance is a big issue and should be at the forefront as we Sorceror's have been nerfed since 1.2 our damage is a joke and we have to spec into cc that other classes get baseline, we need a fix. If you intend to make these changes in the expansion to fix those like the Inquisitor/Sage then please let us know as I'm sure it would go a long way with keeping sub's
New content levels and everything else is great.
Roflmfao, are you seriously complaining that sorcs are UNDERPOWERED? For real? You have the most cc of any class, the most ***-savers on the lowest cds, oh and bubble spec (the most op thing in pvp now). Hiding behind a wall of melee spamming lightning and then running is hard I hear... Seriously not trying to insult or troll you, but if you think sorcs need a buff of any kind you're delusional.

Now faceroll jugg/guardian smash spec and pyrotech pwrtcs need balancing, that I'll agree with.