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01.03.2013 , 01:35 PM | #102
So funny.

People say DPS operatives are balanced because a few out there are really powerful. Unfortunately, you can't balance around the top 1% of players.

People say DPS operatives are fine because they are excellent at 1v1. Sure, they can be, but unfortunately, this requires getting off the opener, and then basically burning all cooldowns and energy to take someone down. Duels are also very different than standard PVP. Try taking out a guarded healer as an operative, and it's much more difficult.

Fact of the matter is, DPS Operatives are a broken spec for PVP. They get some burst, but it doesn't even rival the other classes. Pyrotechs and Smash Warriors deal a lot more, and a lot easier. Operatives depend on getting their opener from stealth, which can be a very tricky thing to do against moving targets. Their two defensive cooldown are weak, and rarely prolong an Operative's life beyond a few seconds. Assassin's at least get to ignore all CC when they pop their 3-second defensive cooldown.

Vanish is pretty much worthless against any opponent who knows what they're doing. It's simply to easy to get knocked out of stealth right after using that cooldown. Much better to just save it for getting in a second opener for DPS.

The speed boost they received is laughably slow compared to a leap or sprint. It's not really useful for escape or gaining on an opponent, even if it's duration is slightly longer.

Operatives and Scoundrels in DPS simply have a lot of problems compared to other DPS specs. And they get no utility besides stealth, and Assassins can do that better anyway. Maybe someday they will get their buff. Maybe with the level cap. That's all I hope for these days.

(At least the healer spec is good)