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#1 issue should be free or inexpensive character transfers.

We need to be able to play where we want. Many of us were caught by your server population mismanagement (ie: The Fatman as an example).

Please expedite this. And allow us to transfer from pve to pvp or pvp to pve or to a different time zone.
I keep seeing people ask for things that has been stated that they will be getting. Case in point:

Topic #3: Character Copy to Public Test Server (PTS) What is taking so long? Answer: As of the writing of this letter, we are in focused, internal testing on character copies for PTS. You should expect to see this come within the first part of this year. It will provide free character copies to PTS at any time (with possible restrictions dependent upon our testing needs at any given time). This will also lay the foundation for our new live character transfer system that will be coming later this year.
I want to transfer some characters from a West Coast RP server to an East Coast PVE server. So I hope the transfers will allow that (and aren't TOO expensive).