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01.03.2013 , 01:30 PM | #149
As someone who recently discovered healing and feel in love with it,bad tanks drive me nuts! I actually started healing cause i got sick of healers acting just like you described.So i completely agree,great tanks are like an endangered species,i've lost count of how many tanks i've had to heal who didnt even have tank gear and had no concept of the role of what a tank is meant to do.

I will say tho occasionally some dps don't realize they actually get queued as a healer,until someone tells them.I don't know what server your on,but i would more than love to run groups with a real tank for a change.I bounce around alot of the servers so never know we may be on the same server and i have been looking for a good guild to permenantly plant my feet in and am willing to start on a new server if need be.