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The silly part is that you get LS/DS points for the relationship. One can be a LS Force User and not follow the Jedi code at all.

The Jedi are an organization that has a belief in the force, that not all force users agree with (whether Sith or not), and both the Jedi and Sith have been proven wrong on their beliefs in the force (the Sith more so it would seem, as they try to cover up anything that goes against their ideals).

Emotion does lead to the DS, but it can lead to the LS. The real problem is, those who are attuned to the Force often have very destructive powers at their disposal (the game doesn't show this well though, because of things like player balance).

So, while a Jedi may love, if one wants to be a Master in the organization, one would likely need to follow the organizations rules, or else why would they promote you?