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I didn't read all of the responses however all we really need to spice up PVP is cross server and a ranked season. Open world PVP is not really something I think will be viable unless population is there for it and there are rewards that make it worth doing open worled world PVP. Open world PVP is normally all about who has the biggest mob.

SGR I'm fine with I think some of the companions had the option for this that are in place now but didn't make the cut if that is the case they should be add the option for that even if it was for new characters going forward. From the sounds of things the new storylines that come with the new content will have new storylines for characters so a lot of you asking for a continuation of your characters story I would think this would fill that void at least for the time being. Future character development through our characters storyline I would think would be a top priority once class balance is sorted out.

Class Balance is a big issue and should be at the forefront as we Sorceror's have been nerfed since 1.2 our damage is a joke and we have to spec into cc that other classes get baseline, we need a fix. If you intend to make these changes in the expansion to fix those like the Inquisitor/Sage then please let us know as I'm sure it would go a long way with keeping sub's

New content levels and everything else is great.
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