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01.03.2013 , 12:26 PM | #319
Since they're doing story related updates, I would really appreciate a comment on the state of a class story line expansion. I mean, how do you promote alting so much with individual class story lines and legacy and then leave those same people out in the cold come expansion time?

I realize they want to make it more about the bigger conflict now, but how awesome would it have been if Mekeb would have had multiple antagonists all trying to accomplish the same end goal, but you get to face off with a different one depending on your class? Heck, half a dozen class quest lines involving said antagonist would have probably sufficed. Even better, they could have done a two-parter. 1st part is the individual antagonist and the second part is a "main" antagonist that is shared by all. That way, the new FPs and Ops could be centered around everyone trying to take down a common foe. But the first part would have made the content worth replaying on each and every class.

I'm just worried that that part of the game is done. Which is honestly the best part (for me). If we could at least get a "More class stories are in production" line, I'd be happy for now.