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Thanks! More than any other crew, the Warrior crew just meshes well.

Chapter 8

Imperial outpost, Ziost
42 days ABDK

Methic stepped out of the Fury and stood with his arms crossed. Behind him, Pierce and Broonmark readied their weapons–what they called “ex-Wrath hunting gear”–and Quinn scanned the area with his datapad’s built-in radar.

[Bllorp.] Broonmark said.

Methic was pretty sure he was the only one who could understand the Talz, and he wasn’t about to translate that. He shuddered imperceptibly.

“My Lord Methic,” a man said.

He was wearing an overseer’s robes and he had a cybernetic eye. Beside him was a female Rattataki in an assistant overseer’s tunic.

“I am Overseer Tarus,” the man said. “And this is my assistant, Souldrain.”

“Souldrain?” Methic questioned.

“Her name is based off her…ah, special powers,” Tarus explained. “And she never talks. Ever.”

Methic nodded. “I see. So, moving on. Where is the Wrath?”

“We have a full battalion searching for him as we speak,” Tarus said. “The last time they checked in they were in the wilds south of the nearest town.”

“Then that’s where we’re headed,” Methic replied. “We’ll need a full-sized assault speeder.”

“Immediately, my Lord.” Tarus turned to a major. “Prepare a combat speeder for Methic’s team.”

The major saluted and marched off.

The hunt began.

Defender-class light corvette
Ziost orbit
42 days ABDK

As Nadia flew the Defender down toward Ziost, Gareb knelt in the meditation room and used the Force to cloak his and Jasin’s ships from detection. As they entered sensor range, he reached out and clouded the minds of the Imperials manning sensors.

“We’re clear,” he said, breathing haggardly. “Go, quickly.”

With intense concentration, he kept the ships effectively invisible as they neared the planet. He felt a conflict below–no doubt the Sith hunting down Lord Scourge. He used the Force to send encouraging feelings to Scourge, though Jasin had told him that Scourge could not feel emotion.

“We’re setting down!” Nadia called.

Gareb leapt to his feet and ran down the ramp, with Qyzen and Iresso. Outside, he saw a squad of Imperials firing on Scourge, who dashed through the trees, avoiding fire. Gareb used the Force to bring down two trees on top of the squad.

Qyzen leapt down off the ramp to fight while Iresso took a firing position. His bolts flew over Gareb’s shoulder and ripped into the Imperials.

Nearby, Jasin’s ship set down and Jasin leapt out with Doc. Gareb glanced up as he heard a thrumming sound, and a combat speeder rounded the corner.

And driving it was Methic–Gareb’s cousin.

The Wilds, Ziost
42 days ABDK

Scourge panted as he stumbled through the trees. He whirled as he heard a crashing noise and saw trees smash into the squad of Imperial riot troopers chasing him. He turned and saw a pair of Defender-class ships landing, and he grinned.

Igniting his lightsaber, Scourge leapt into combat. He saw a speeder approaching, and the driver leapt out, giving the controls to an Imperial officer.

The driver ignited a pair of lightsabers, red and blue. Scourge raised his own blade and blocked the blows. The man snarled and slashed low with his red blade and stabbed with his blue one.

Scourge redirected both blows, and marveled at the power he sensed from this Sith. Few were so powerful as him.

“Who are you?” Scourge asked.

“Your successor!” the Sith replied.

Another Emperor’s Wrath? Scourge snarled and slammed his lightsaber down on the man’s head, but both blades came up to block it. The man blasted Scourge with a Force push. Scourge blocked it with the Force but went stumbling back, just the same.

As the new Wrath came on, Scourge glanced up and saw Overseer Tarus and his Rattataki assistant coming over the hill. Jasin and Gareb leapt in to intercept them.

The new Wrath unleashed a flurry of blows upon Scourge, and he returned the blows with a low sweep. Scourge sent a jolt of Force lightning at the Wrath and had it redirected into the snow.

Scourge grinned fiercely. This would be good.

* * *

Lieutenant Iresso saw the combat speeder land and trained his rifle on the Talz coming out of the back. He grinned and squeezed the trigger. The bolt shot out and slammed into the Talz’s shoulder.

The alien roared and charged at Iresso. Eyes wide, Iresso fired another round, but it, too, deflected off the Talz’s armor. The Talz was within two meters of Iresso when Qyzen slammed into the alien from the side. The Talz whirled and slashed at Qyzen with his vibrosword, and Qyzen blocked it with his own weapon.

Iresso sighed in relief. An Imperial trooper and a Twi’lek in a thin combat uniform leapt out of the speeder, and Iresso lined up for another shot. A girl in, surprisingly, Jedi robes looked up at him and pointed.

The Imperial trooper whirled and fired at Iresso. He jumped back in surprise but the bolt caught him on the knee. He cried out in pain.

Doc ran over and holstered his blaster, removing a medpac from his belt. He crouched next to Iresso.

“Got my…knee, Doc,” Iresso said.

“Hold still,” Doc said. “Might be fractured.”

Iresso nodded. “R-right.”

Doc popped open Iresso’s leg plate and injected a stimulant through his bodysuit. Iresso gasped and bit his lip, and then spared a glance up.

Qyzen and the Talz were still smashing each other apart with their swords, and now the girl in the Jedi robes had ignited an orange double-bladed lightsaber and was actually charging at Lord Scourge.

“Ouch!” Iresso shrieked.

Doc had twisted his leg back into place while he hadn’t been paying attention.

“Ow,” he repeated, more softly.

* * *

Jasin slammed into the Sith with the cybernetic eye before he could reach Scourge. Beside him, Gareb smashed the Rattataki to the ground with a blast of Force energy.

The Sith in front of Jasin raised his lightsaber. Jasin lunged at him and slashed high and to the right, and the Sith parried it and lashed out with a Force push. Jasin blocked it and swung his back around to the Sith, stabbing his lightsaber backwards.

The Sith parried it and kicked Jasin in the small of his back. Jasin cried out and tumbled away, gripping his kidney. He lost balance and rolled onto the ground. The Sith’s single eye flashed yellow, and he raised his lightsaber for the killing blow.

“Tarus!” the Rattataki called. “Help!”


Jasin looked up as Tarus, distracted, backed away. Taking his chance, Jasin leapt in and stabbed into Tarus’ chest, burying his lightsaber under Tarus’ ribs. The cyborg let out a bloodcurdling scream and fell to his knees.

Before he had finished dying, Jasin leapt in to help Gareb with the Rattataki–Souldrain, whatever that moniker meant. The Rattataki looked up and blasted Gareb with a purplish Force beam. Gareb cried out and dropped to his knees. Jasin hurled his lightsaber at her. She grasped it with the Force and sent it harmlessly into the snow.

Before Jasin could attempt to recover it, she sent a wave of lightning hurtling through the air to crash into him. He grunted in pain as the lighting actually picked him up off his feet and hurtling into a tree over twenty meters away.

And as he felt himself losing consciousness and also…something more, he realized how she’d earned her name.

* * *

Methic was actually rather enjoying the duel going on between him and the former Wrath, Scourge. He grinned like a schoolboy, swinging his lightsabers at blinding speeds, only to have them blocked by his counterpart.

In another duel, it might have become tiresome, but Methic was rather enjoying this. He leapt lithely over Scourge’s blade and landed behind the bigger man, he felt agonizing pain in the Force. He looked up and saw his brother, Jasin, burying his lightsaber blade up to its hilt in Overseer Tarus’ chest.

He blocked out Tarus’ pain in the Force and went back to fighting Scourge. The large pureblood had the strength of a krayt dragon, but he was slow and lumbering like a bantha.

Methic, however, had the speed of a nexu, and he slashed half a dozen times in the fraction of the time it took for Scourge to land one of his heavy blows.

But the two warriors were well balanced, and for every time Methic landed ten minor blows on his foe, Scourge landed three major strikes. They were soon panting for breath, standing face-to-face with their blades drawn but neither of them moving.

“Well…fought, Wrath,” Scourge said.

“And you…betrayer,” Methic replied.

Both were poised to lunge again when Broonmark slammed into Scourge–unintentionally, apparently, because in the next moment a massive Trandoshan leapt through the air, a vibrosword raised. Scourge snarled and shoved Broonmark away.

While the Trandoshan resumed his fight–more like beating contest–with Broonmark, Methic and Scourge faced each other once more.

* * *

Gareb slashed diagonally at the Rattataki called Souldrain, knowing his strength was in the Force rather than lightsaber art, but his foe’s was, as well.

He slashed with more finesse than Methic’s wild art, and with more speed than Jasin’s efficient yet powerful strikes. His opponent, on the other hand, hardly ever used her lightsaber. Instead, she blocked his blade while attacking entirely with Force abilities. Though Gareb himself usually relied on the Force, he saw her strict use of it as a weakness rather than strength. It meant she could not adapt for…

Abruptly, he knew how to defeat her. Reaching out, he dampened the Force in the area. She gasped in surprise as her once-powerful bolts of lightning were reduced to mere sparks.

Enraged, she lunged with her lightsaber–a grave mistake, for as she did Gareb moved aside and cut at her arm, taking it off at the elbow. She shrieked as it fell to the ground, and it was joined a fraction of a second later by her head.

All was quiet for several moments, save for the clashing of Kira’s lightsaber with her opponents, and the snarls and roars of Qyzen and the Talz.

Jasin rose to his feet, rubbing his head. Whatever the Rattataki had done to him, her death seemed to have ended it. He winced as if he had a migraine but walked it off.

“She almost killed me,” he said. “Thanks.”

“No worries,” Gareb replied. “What are cousins for?”

* * *

Scourge panted and faced the new Wrath. Neither of them could win, but both were bruised, cut, and bleeding profusely. Jasin limped over with the help of Gareb, and the new Wrath looked up in surprise.

“Jasin,” he said. “Gareb.”

“You know them?” Scourge asked in surprise.

“Jasin is my brother,” Methic replied. “And Gareb my cousin.”

Scourge turned harshly to Jasin, feeling betrayal and anger for the first time in centuries. And to his surprise, below that, was pride.

“You never told me,” he accused.

“To be fair,” Jasin replied. “I never told anyone except Kira. Even Gareb didn’t know until the Battle of Ilum.”

Methic nodded. “And as of now, only Vette and Colonel Quinn know of my relation to the both of you. Though I assume Jaesa senses something with her unique ability.”

Scourge looked up. The battle between the Talz and Gareb’s Trandoshan, Qyzen, had ended, with both of them lying face up on the ground, apparently unconscious.

“We should drag them to safety,” Gareb observed.

Methic nodded. “I’ll have Colonel Quinn call off the others, if you agree to call your men off as well.”

Jasin inclined his head. “Will do…brother.”

Methic backed away slowly. “I’m afraid this isn’t over. I’m sorry, but I am duty-bound to hunt down this traitor. One day, we’ll meet again.”

Scourge smiled. “Looking forward to it.”