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When I first entered these missions, I was horrified. I thought I was pretty good at space missions and had my arse handed to me proper style.

But really it came down to learning new techniques:

The routes the ships are placed on are more difficult than the earlier missions, so you must take a little longer to learn the ways to avoid collisions. Collision damage is what will take you down more often than opposing gunfire. Once you start to get a handle on not running into the rocks and cargo containers, you'll find things immediately easier.

Speaking of avoidance, as has been stated, learning to use the barrel roll is a good start to avoiding damage. Even just hitting space bar wildly will help a bit. Then you can also use WASD keys to give additional movement beyond the mouse position, allowing for some amount of movement, whilst still retaining target for attack.

Secondly, things seem to take damage very differently - and I don't just mean bigger shields or more armour.

In particular, the Frigates seem especially vulnerable to EMP blasts, removing all turrets and weakening other hardpoints.
For example, starting Baros Ambush with both electronic warfare and an EMP blast is a tactic made of win vs the three frigates, coupled with a few missiles and they are easy meat. Your EMP is ready to give the same treatment to the two frigates at the end too.
This is in contrast with the non heroic Zosha Advance, where the Frigates seem not to care about my EMP and I have to strip turrets the old fashioned way.

Overall the missions are more tactical and can be made a lot easier by learning the best times to use your electronic warfare and EMP blasts. These two systems are on long cooldowns but really make the difference. As has been stated above, using EW and EMP in the minefield on Thanium Disruption will save your bacon, keeping you alive and taking out most of the hardpoints on the Frigate. Ideally, put a couple of missiles onto the shield generators, engines and navigational array[1] as you head in and you'll have a good chance of taking the Frigate down as you fly past.

It's a bit of a shame at the moment that the Operations are bugged. I think they are intentionally resetting weekly, or we could be swimming in BH comms, currently 6 a week is available, I believe. (Ops for Regnant Station, Thanium Disruption, Thanium disruption+Baros Ambush, or Imperial equivalents).

I said at the start that the first time I ran these it was pretty horrible. Now I find I can easily complete these missions, including all bonus goals every time. They certainly were more challenging and harder to master, but now have become as commonplace as the other missions. I think that will always be the limitation of a "space mission on rails" system and one we'll just have to live with - of course, having a space missions mini-game inside the SWTOR MMO is, in my opinion, simply gravy in any case and I have no complaints.

[1] I think it's meant to be a navigational array. Either way, it's the yellow hardpoint at the front of Imperial Frigates or on the top of Republic Frigates.