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01.03.2013 , 11:33 AM | #3
Actually I disagree and I think you did the wrong thing. I rarely "pass", but frequently "greed". If someone is present of the appropriate class, they should feel free to "need", otherwise I'll roll off against everyone else for companions, alts, GTN or even the vendor for BoA stuff.

If there's an error, I'm quite happy to trade gear across during the 2 hour grace period.

So, no I think passing is wrong, you should greed , unless the items are so trivial you can't even use the credits from a vendor - in a different MMO, where I've been playing since pre-release, I will often press pass, because the items in question are so trivial to me.

And that appears by and large to be the state of play with all the groups I participate in. Those who really need the item need it and everyone else can be up front and greed.

So, it seems to me, at least, that by and large there is common courtesy amongst the players of the game.

Whilst I don't thing there was anything wrong with his greeding, it sounds to me like your new player is young and inexperienced in the MMO community. Given that most people are nicely behaved, no doubt he will soon learn that if he wants to be accepted into groups, he will need to learn to play nicely with others and calling you out was not the way to deal with the disagreement.