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01.03.2013 , 11:27 AM | #15
I agree 99.99999% of my pugs have been great. It is just that .000001% that ruins the experience. I do most of mine with a healer, wipes are not really a issue because she is so overgeared, my bad PUGs have been with ninjas taking others gear and with people just being rude and abusive towards others. I have no problem with it being towards me, but if someone is rude and abusive towards another group member, I will not tolerate it. These stand out in my memory even though they are so few and far between. Most HMFP are just good fast fun, but that is quickly forgotten when you get a bad group.

I will admit, HMLI I only do with guild members. I can't heal people through falling off the platform, so I gave up on PUGs there. It happened far too often.