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I normally don't have a problem with pugs because I'm usually the healer and my husband's usally the tank. We only have problems when one of us decide to dps.

Our problems usually stem from someone in a hurry to finish the instance and we didn't skip a trash pull or accidently pulled trash mobs trying to skip. I usally put that person on ignore so I don't have to deal with the unnecessary pressure of catering to someone else's time restraint. If you don't have time to enjoy the game, don't queue in a pug. The rest of us are trying to enjoy the experience.

If you are new to the instance, please say so. I have no problem helping someone that is new if they say they've never been in the instance before.

On the flip side of that, to those who fail to read chat. If someone says they are new the instance and you don't read that, and then later complain that they are "acting like a noob" it's your fault for not paying attention.
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