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Oh really? Well Wookieepedia says otherwise but whatever. And yes chances are G0-T0s assassins might get to him before any of that actually happens. But Tyber Zann is going to keep himself well defended at all times, and I don't think the Zhug brothers or the Gand nest or any other bounty hunter will be up the task of killing him. Not even the HK-50s (they were defeated by T3 remember :P) If anything it would take time and planning, which G0-T0 doesn't have a lot of.

Query: How is it that HK-47 is stronger that HK-50 and HK-51, despite technically being an inferior unit?
I'm not -sure- about the Urai thing. But I think people are reading a little too far into it when they say that Urai isn't force sensitive because he used a force power around ysalamiri. It's called a mistake in a video game.

Ok, T3 is just a boss. He had the best upgrades money could buy and was equipped with tons of special tricks. He was Revan's droid, after all. Zann doesnt have armor like T3. he has a jacket and an exposed head. And that fight was always hard for me. I just had to keep using my flamethrower over and over. :P

It didn't take time and planning to find the Exile multiple times. And she was traveling in one insignificant ship, not a fleet. I bet they could do it, that's what they're hired to do.

Confused Answer: I have no idea. But it's making people underestimate the HK-50s, which is annoying.
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