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Okay, this is something that's got me thinking about just soloing flashpoints. I recently created a SW and leveled him up to an 11 Juggernaut, and did the Black Talon flashpoint with someone who was clearly a new player (from his inactions to his actions and chat commentary).

Now me, even when I was a new player, I would pass on equipment drops that had nothing to do with my class. In this run, mainly Jug equipment dropped, and everytime he won the roll with greed. This guy was playing a Marauder, making the equipment useless to him. I finally got a piece (shield generator) and was called a tool for doing so. I confronted the guy in chat, and suffice to say I found out he was doing the flashpoint and getting the pieces solely for the purpose of selling them. We eventually had a duel (his challenge, my win) and I placed him on my ignore list.

But because I've done my best to extend a courtesy to other players by tapping pass on all non-class equipment drops, I guess I thought this was a common courtesy. Now please note, this was one of the only flashpoints I've had a bad experience with, and the only time I haven't had a guild by the time I reached the Imperial Fleet. I recognize this is probably not the average occurrence, but this was the first time where my class was actually affected. (I've seen troopers grab Smug equip, BH snap up SI equip, etc.)

Anyways, this is technically just a bit of a rant, but this has been giving me indigestion since it happened and I finally decided to figure out if anyone else has had this happen. BTW, the SM's name was Arawon or something like that; if someone else has had experience with him, well, it'd be nice to know if they had a better one and I'm more of a singular case with it.....