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How about you add in a few open world pvp area's like outlaws den. Make them drop Merc comms within this zone. And also add a few daily pvp quest and weeklies. to kill x amount of players within. world pvp solved
That would only work under some very narrow conditions, most of all equal numbers. As I've written before, at least some servers have issues with that, having e.g. Imperials outnumber Reps about 2:1. That would require instancing, admission control, or other "unnatural" restrictions on those zones, giving the whole thing a rather stale aftertaste.

Don't get me wrong, I'd like to see working open world PvP in this game, it's just that I don't see it happening with the current overall balance. In hindsight, the games that got it right (so pretty much only DAoC for end-game PvP) probably just got lucky. It's tricky, and the entire game needs to be designed to that end to make it work.

During the Rakghoul event, Tatooine saw some surprisingly fun random PvP, but I doubt that'd have survived in the long run, or if there'd been actual gains from it.

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