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I'm glad you liked the analogy and it convinced you.

I support your scenario, it seems like a likely possibility. I'm still pushing for the fact that G0-T0 assassins have been underestimated and they will probably kill Zann before any of that even happens though.

One thing about the NOTE: as much as I would like it to be, that's not actually true. Urai is force sensitive. In some of the first dialogue you hear between Zann and Urai, Zann jokes and teases with Urai by asking if the hawk-man joined the Jedi while Zann was gone. Also, I'm almost sure that Urai is a member of one of those species where everybody is force sensitive.
Oh really? Well Wookieepedia says otherwise but whatever. And yes chances are G0-T0s assassins might get to him before any of that actually happens. But Tyber Zann is going to keep himself well defended at all times, and I don't think the Zhug brothers or the Gand nest or any other bounty hunter will be up the task of killing him. Not even the HK-50s (they were defeated by T3 remember :P) If anything it would take time and planning, which G0-T0 doesn't have a lot of.

Query: How is it that HK-47 is stronger that HK-50 and HK-51, despite technically being an inferior unit?