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On the issue of how resources would theoretically be diverted from other issues to include same gender romances with Makeb, I would have to disagree. In the main game, there are a select few encounters where you are able to engage in a romance with an NPC. They are short, generally, but some have actually developed quite nicely (as with a certain NPC in the Trooper story). What is being promised with Makeb is the same thing, but for both genders--if they are already bringing in the voice actors and coding the conversations, then it is much easier for them to simply not have to flag the conversations for both genders. The voice work is there, and the developers do not need to worry about the conversations between both genders being different. The amount of work needed for a couple encounters to integrate these romances is minuscule in the grand scale of Makeb.

As changing existing dialogue in the vanilla game with companions and NPC's, yes, that will require work. However, as stated, those are being pushed back anyway, so there is nothing to be worried about.
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