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there's a 491 page thread over in story & lore of people who've been waiting for this since the game launched. a few lines of dialogue may seem silly to you, but to them, it's a sign that bioware's finally starting to give them what they've been fleetingly promised for so long.

doesn't seem too unreasonable to finally throw them some bread to chew on while bioware keeps preparing the full course, y'know?
Well I seiousely doubt what they want is some poorly thrown together content just to pander to them and shut them up.

Either do it right or don't do it at all.

Get the game working better. Get the long term content in game and as thats going on get SGR dialogue and options as a legitimate addition and not some thrown together garbage.

Anyone can make some SGR options and throw it in game. Look at the NPC thing. Might as well not put that in at all cause it's not what most SGR groups want. They want legitimate SGR companion options and dialogue.

To get it right, t takes a little more time, a little more thought to make it a decent story and merge it into the content that has a little meaning to it along with companions that actually go out in the world with you.

Throw some crappy option in there and the SGR groups will be just as pissed as if you didn't include it at all.

Fixing the game and providing long terms content for everyone should be the priority. SGR should come but not hastily.