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Mind crush is your weakest dot tick for tick, as it ticks every second, where WM and SF tick every three seconds. Wherever possible, you want FiB ticks to NOT be consumed by mind crush dot.

Personally, I don't worry much about it, as my raid has several source (including healers who throw up affliction(WM) on pull, so stacks get used up right away anyway.

My opener (as I don't like to bother with the casted mind crush) is(will try to use sage terms):

WM - SF - cool downs during that gcd - FiB - TT (switch TT and fib if multiple enemies for FiB for crit buff coll down) - MC - threat drop - more TT until stuff comes off cool down.

Probably is not optimal as it delays MC so long, but I don't like the casted MC and I don't like delaying dots. /shrug
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