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I have three sets of gear for my shadow. One full tank for huttball, one unlimited power one for 31 0 10 / 2 31 8 and one with a tad less power and crit for when i go balance spec. When I carry the ball in full expertise/survivor gear adjusted for a bit of defence, there are powertechs on TOFN that kill me in 5 seconds tops, with a 5k railshot through deflection.

To answer the question, Shadow tanks are by far the squishiest tanks in PVP at this point in time. Our only defensive ability has been broken for months and nobody cares. I got 4k railshot thru resilience today and that my friends has a trolololol label attached to it.

Uhmm ... 'get a pocket healer' ... I am sorry but with a pocket healer it will take a very skilled dps to take you down in any class.

Not true at all.... Use your CCs on the pocket healer focus on the tank. I peel them apart constantly it's all about control. Shadow hybrid i get the healer to waste his CC break then lift him. 8sec hes out thtas enough time for me to burn down the tank. A lot of people get tunnel vision in pvp, but if you take a step back and have awareness you change your play style and do more control, might do less dmg overall however you'll have more kills. That way you dont whack on a tank for 2mins while he keeps getting healed lol

As a shadow in pvp i went back and did the numbers. spec into your 2%defense increase and higher sheild. Also if you can afford to get your 2 set PVE tanking bonus with your 2setPVP bonus this will allow you to have 5% higher shield rating while Kinetic ward is up. Absorb won't do toooo much in pvp being that auto crits etc will still get through. Making your other 2 mitigation stats more important.

32-34% defense.
50% shield
Stack endurance when you can being that you'll be in the DR on mitigation, and stack expertise as well.

<3 you.
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