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I haven't had any problems with FPs so far, but yesterday I spent four hours in a PUG that tried to do TfB and couldn't get past the second boss. The apparent cause was inferior gear and resulting lack of DPS. The day before another group took two hours to get through EV, wiped three times at Soa and gave up. That time the reason was not knowing how to descend between phases and/or healers not healing during the descent.

The failures themselves don't faze me; I'm very patient and willing to try again. The waste of time for no gain is mildly irritating, but I can cope. What really annoys me is that having partial lockdowns for an operation makes it hard to find a different PUG to complete it with, so in practice I've been denied the BH comms from those two operations this week.
Beaver are you on the shadowlands? I might of been in that EV run. If not I had the same thing happen to me. I even offered to put a target over my head and jump up and down when it was time to heal. The healers got upset and said they know what to do even though the one was trying to put a salvation circle down on every platform. Needless to say he kept having the platform fall out under him. We even made it to the bottom once with a commando dps off healing but it was his me the tank and one other dps that made it. Unfortunately we did not have the dps or heals to kill him with only three guys since they got pulled into mindtraps and I as a tank don't have enough dps to kill em fast.