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P.S: What did you think of the "Force Projection" idea?
As a TK Sage I absolutely wouldn't find use for it. I mean, while being in place and casting like there is no tomorrow I do not need any free instacast that deals low damage and while on the move it might get some use but we still have enough stuff to do while moving so I wouldn't use that. Don't know about Balance sages though.

Secondly, Sages don't get any bonus from Willpower to their melee damage. You might have noticed that if you charge in and smash enemies with your basic lightsaber attack, you deal laughable damage. If they'd just upped the range while keeping the attack's stats as they are, you would have attack that deals superlow damage on range. You might think that it is enough as a finisher (and yeah I agree that finishing the weak basterds is a pain sometimes), but there is no real need for it.
If the passive you suggest also changed the attack's type to a force attack instead of weapon attack, then we would have a regular basic attack similar to Trooper's Hammer Shot etc. They could actually give us a new instacast no cost weak 30m attack upon choosing Sage.

But our basic attack is Disturbance, even though it is very different from other classes basic attacks. For the cost of being static (and a tiny force cost), we get more damage and, in the endgame, faster global cooldowns.

Long story short, even though I see your reasoning I wouldn't support your idea, because it is not needed and would actually give us a second basic attack, which would be, well, strange.