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By the way, I could be wrong, but it sounds like you're upset about the "I don't like this companion" type threads. The reason you see so many of them is because having a companion you don't like or who doesn't fit your character is irritating and, beyond that, immersion breaking. Having the game override whether you'd want a character with you or not can be upsetting.
Not really upset about those threads, I wanted to get people's attention .
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3:guss tuno,he heals me with jedi power : D
Guss was one of those companions that grew on me. Every time I had a conversation with him it made me laugh. Only problem was I leveled my smuggler as a healer so Guss's healing ability was not required.
Doc on my JK was like that too in that he made me laugh.
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Blizz - OMGADORABLE with a rocket launcher. Do I need to say more?
I could not agree more.
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(5) Khem Val makes the list, too. I think of him like he's a fungus. You know, as in, he grows on you. Took a while as he kept threatening to devour my sorcerer, anyway. But there came a point where I sensed that his insulting "Little Sith" was becoming more of a affectionate phrase. That he suffered so much in order to save my sorcerer netted my own consideration. He's awesome.
That's good to hear. I just started my SI.