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01.03.2013 , 08:39 AM | #5
When I am on the move, I usually:
1) Fire Project. I don't have Project in my basic rotation so I usually have it off cooldown when I need to move.
2) Renew Weaken Mind. I need it up all the time for Turbulence critical proc and for Psychic Projection. If there are more targets and I need to move for a longer time, I renew it on more targets while moving.
3) If Tidal Force procs right before I need to move (from my last Disturbance or from Forcequake I was casting just before the need to reposition appeared) I fire TK Wave.
4) Shield myself. Sometimes it comes in handy. If grouped and we don't have Sage healer, I shield tank or someone who seems like they need shielding - situational.
5) Instacast Selfheal. It is free, it is instacast, If you manage to pull aggro or some raidwide damage hits you, it is great to use while on move.

Usually I don't need to be on the move for longer than two GCD's and pause between moves is usually bigger than 6 seconds, so Project and Weaken Mind renew on main target are pretty much all I do to use my moving time well.

As a TK Sage I don't have any problems with force management. I know that on lower level the problems exist because I had Project in basic rotation and used it pretty much on CD, but really as you grow higher you will find that unless you start vigorously offhealing you will have pretty much infinite resource. Thus it is not a "waste" to use Project on the move and to finish off weakened enemies. Even as lower level I don't remember running out of force even in "long" fights, even while firing all out the fight ended while I still had around 50% force. I just needed to meditate between encounters, which I really do not need in the endgame - the insta cast heal keeps my health topped and the great force regeneration along with low force consumption keeps my force topped.

And secondly, I often use Force Slow as a finisher on those pesky weaks who stay alive with a tiny bit of HP.