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What exisiting planets would you like to see expanded in terms of story and geography?

My top 3 are:
Korriban - I'd love to see some high level quests head beyond the current areas, see more of what the ancient Sith built.
Coruscant - I'd like to see more little hidden away places, it's an old city with a ton of layers, lots of opportunity for neat little places.
Alderaan - I'd really like to see more of how this story unfolds. And more castles...I like castles.

Quesh should probably be expanded...I guess...except that I already hate it so expanding it would just prolong the orange nightmare.

I agree with all of these and I'd love to see a bit on each planet for the new expansion. It would be neat if each planet had an extended area in addition to the new planet Makeb. They did hint at new content for older planets so hopefully it's a bit more than a quest or two.

I guess the planet I'd like to see the most done with would be the starting planets. Like the op I think there is so much potential with all of these and it would be a great opportunity to flesh out the planets and lore a bit more. Maybe continuing past the main storyline of each planet and the bonus series and something potentially with the new expansion and touching on a story arch dealing with the Hutt Cartel's plan with any of those planets' especially Hutta. Each planet offers a decent setting and existing story that BioWare could continue with their upcoming expansion I'm interested in seeing what they do with them. Planets like Balmorra could be perfect for something with the Hutts.