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So reading Ycoga's reply and his suggestion about Saber Strike, got me thintking.

I came up with the following.

As you know (or should ) when we choose the Sage Advanced Class we get the following "passive" abilities: (Sorcerers get equivalent passives)
- Force Reach: Increases the range of Project, Telekinetic Throw, Mind Snap, Mind Crush and Force Slow by 20 meters. Also increases the duration of Force Lift to 60 seconds.
- Force Studies: Versed in the Force, your maximum Force is increased by 400.
- Jedi Healer: Reduces the cooldown of Revive by 100%.

What if Sages/Sorcerers also got "something" like the following:
Force Projection: Your Saber Strike now projects a flurry of 3 force projectiles at a single target up to a maximum range of 30m that deal x - y weapon damage spread across the 3 force projectiles.

It would basically "upgrade" Saber Strike. The damage (x - y) would be exactly the same as that dealt by Saber Strike, and still be weapon damage, but we would get a "ranged-no-cost-instant-ability" with no cooldown that we could use on the move and against low-health targets as a quick finisher. It would also give us a use for our saber as so often requested on these forums. (The same "name" could even be used for the Sith Sorceror mirror ability as they also have a "Saber Strike".)

What do you guys think?

Gamebreaking? Stupid idea (waving your saber in the air and launching projectiles might not be everyones "cup of tea")? Love it? Hate it?

Share your thoughts.
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