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01.03.2013 , 07:29 AM | #18
My biggest two favorites come from Inquisitor who I thought had so far best set of companions.

My favorite would be Ashara Zavros. It is hard to say specific part of why, more like overall picture. She is perhaps most versatile companion of them all.

Talos Drellik -- Another full package liking. Hard to say specific part, but he just is :P

As added bonus I think those two could have many adventures together as they share interests as well as complement each other.

Honorable mentions:

Mako and Gault from BH. I think people too hard on Gault :P

Warrior storyline I liked Vette most, others not so much with Quinn being still clear 2nd (don't know about LS Jaesa).

Agent so far not really impressed with 3 I have met so far. Plenty of time to change that on other hand.