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So first off, I think quite a lot of the community at large would enjoy at least once the option to replay through our class story content. Lets face it, once a person reaches level 50 there isn't a whole lot to do beyond obtaining better gear and PvP. Personally I have a theory about mini games in MMOs and the variation they can provide to 'end of progression' monotony stages of a game, but that's for another day and another topic.

So the only real viable method of revisiting story content I feel; Is through a scaled up hardmode'esk variation available once you've completed the class story, and reached level 50. At this point of the suggestion it doesn't really matter how it gets done, the finer details are really inconsequential. Its just a matter of UI, reward, and code adjustments. Its basically recycled content for the better of the community, and there aren't really any downsides to the idea.

Being able to revisit the story you've already completed it, feels like something that should have been there from the gate. I don't want to have to make another character just to see the story again. And i'm sure there are a great many other players out there that feel the same way.
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