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GET RID OF ALL YOUR ALACRITY, the difference is minimal and you are wasting damage or healing potential. Next you'll be saying you want accuracy to ensure your heals don't miss......NO this is not true.

Willpower, Power, Crit and expertise after willpower if pvp....your lumbered with endurance anyway, want it or not.
neither willpower, nor power nor crit ,nor expertise, nor endurance is exchangebale 1:1 for alacrity. (with the excption of relics and augments but everyone takes the powerrelics and mainstat augments there anyway)

alacrity is only exchangeable for surge or accuracy.

so once you have 300 surge you go for alacrity instead (maybe even earlier).

(also force lightning is 40% of madness damage . and the dots are only 20%)

PS: Of course "IF" alacrity would be replaceable by willpower etc. you would take it.