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AOE's are usually suitable, especially if there are other mobs nearby.
Hmm... I could be wrong, but isn't Forcequake the only instant AoE we have? Couple that with the 100 Force cost and the fact that it is targetted, doesn't really make it a good candidate for using on the move or as a quick efficient way to finish off a low-health mob.

Quote: Originally Posted by Ycoga View Post
Forcewave knocks back and kills weakened mobs.
True. Zero cost and instant. But (a) it requires that you be within 15 meters of your target (and we should be at max 30m range) and (b) it has a 20 second cooldown.

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The only free attack we have is a melee range 3-hit combo which is weak but you can use it if you like.
True. But Saber Strike is a melee ability. You can only use it at a 4 meter range. Good if you happen to run past a mob or if the mob has closed the distance to you for whatever reason. But of limited use for us that live at 30m range.

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If all else really is on CD and you have nothing to do, use the time to reposition yourself, ready for next attack.
That's basically what I do now . Would just be nice to be able to do something while repositioning and waiting for CDs to end.
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