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Ha ha, opinions opinions.

While Kreia does have some nice moments, the wrap up at the end when she 'sees the future' is very nice I got tired of her preaching very fast. As well the game never really 'clicked' for me I found the opening very slow and ungodly boring, especially the second time through when the 'mystery' isn't any more. And while Telos and Onderon where very well done, the other planets felt kind of meh, and the game had 'too many endings'. You should have faced Traya over Telos Malacore V was mind numbingly dull.

Any back to the topic at hand.

Tyber Zann has a lot more resources then GO-TO, Tyber has several planets under his command and others that are in his pocket, where as GO-TO has most of the Smugglers moon, which he only has because the Hutts haven't been bothered to do anything about him yet.

Edit: where are you guys getting your info about GO-TO, "he encouraged a few gang wars to create confusion" Where is that mentioned?

Also G0-T0 is 4 years old. He has very little experience in anything other then orgainsation of Republic relief efforts.

The Zann Consortium has more power the G0-T0's exchange by several orders of magnitude, why you ask; Because they can directly effect planets something G0-T0 is unable to do.

Also you people are underrating Tyber and making him out to be some dumb thug like, well like Hanharr. Tyber is smart, yeah he ticked off Jabba but only after Jabba sold him out. He is not some drugged up fool shooting everything he sees, he manipulates people, even getting one over on Thrawn of all Chiss.

Also don't forget what the Allies add;

For G0-T0: Hanharr is a very tough fighter and good body gaurd/attack dog.

For Tyber: Urai Fen is a very capable and cunning, as well as extremely loyal, right hand man meaning he can send him off on lots of different types of missions.
See, planets don't matter. G0-T0 will never leave Nar Shaddaa, unless he has to inorder to escape. There would be no need to attack other planets. Just wait until your enemy rears their head. He holds the cards on Nar Saddaa, all of them.

Also, Hanharr wouldn't be bribed. He is loyal to G0-T0 and the Exchange. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Mira say its because nobody else will hire him? One more thing, your scenario where Urai fights them off, ( is that yours?) whatever is wrong. It would be Hanharr fighting while at the same time, HKs are in hidden spots, and sniping him. He wouldn't survive. They would make HK's definition of love.
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