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A question what would be your 2nd relic in this case, a situational one? Because otherwise getting 2 EWH's is better.
If anything, 2 EWH is just as situational as a click relic. The campaign sh/abs click is better than EWH in enough endgame encounters to warrant having the freedom to swap it in. Unless of course you just don't like having to click a relic, and are ok with having a sub-optimal relic loadout in said encounters.

On an unrelated note, pushing into 63's it seems the dread guard absorb proc is being overtaken by the EWH, even for a vanguard. Weighting some vanguard and juggernaut BiS AMR profiles and comparing the two relics in each, the EWH is better in both cases by a small amount. So I guess if your in high mitigation 61's/63's, the dread proc is obsolete. Sad considering I have always felt the need to defend this relic on my server, but its finally worse off than the pvp ones.