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Have any hybrid Jugger's/Guard's been able to approach those stat weights?

Assuming you are using all Mitigation Heavy 27's therefore:

Ear/Implants with 60 Shield + 60 Absorb/Def
Mods with 44 Absorb/Def
Enhancements with 60 Shield + 24 Absorb/Def
1 EHW Relic with +120 mitigation Stat
14 Augments +18 migitation stat per aug

The Stat Budget would be 1716. However because of everything having 60 Shield rating on it. The Minimum amount of Shield Rating gain-able without using Endurance Heavy Enhancements is 600. This however doesn't line up with the suggested numbers for a budget of about 1700.

I tried experimenting with only swapping the enhancements out for the 60end/48shield/24 def or absorb to attempt to bring down shield chance and budget to perhaps levels that would be more obtainable but it ends up leaving you with a budget of 1632 and a minimum shield rating amount of 516 which still wasn't enough

Am I being really dense and just missing something?

Finally would not itemising in such a away as a Jugger make you spikier so to speak?
A question what would be your 2nd relic in this case, a situational one? Because otherwise getting 2 EWH's is better.
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