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The problem is that if we go from presumption that love and emotions effect jedis' differently (comparing to "normal" beings) then all we can do is speculate.

Mental maturity is about wisdom. If you have learned yourself or by others that wallowing in sorrow/vengeance only leads to dark side, wise and good person would do something else.

It is after all the "negative" emotions that lead to dark side. You would need to avoid these and behavioural patterns that lead to these. This of course would demand very rational mind.
it doesnt matter what a man learn in his life, it is a desire, emotional state that dictates him to do it. Many are taught to avoid many toxical substances yet they use it. Stopping oneself from sorrow or vengeance is not a matter of wisdom but personality, well brains functionality.

Well no wise person would stay a jedi, only "good" fools.
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