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Hoping you guys can help me here.

I finally got round to leveling my sage that had been sitting at level 12 on the Fleet for the past 6 months (got distracted by leveling other toons ). I hit level 24 yesterday, I am specced into Telekinetics and I am having a blast with my Sage.

However, I've noticed that we are missing a "ranged-no-cost-instant-ability" that we can use when forced to move or as a quick finisher for mobs at low-health (where using a force ability would be overkill in terms of Force use and damage done). Just like other hard-cast/turret ranged classes (Commando/Mercenary/Gunslinger/Sniper) get from their base class (Hammer Shots/Rapid Shots/Flurry of Bolts/Rifle Shot).

As far as I can tell, the only things we can use on the move are Weaken Mind (which does *NO* damage up front) and Project (that costs Force *and* has a 6 second cooldown).

If I have to move and Project is on cooldown I find myself doing "nothing" until I can stop again.

For the low-health mobs I find myself casting something (anything) but (a) 9 out of 10 times the mob dies before any of our "oh so long" cast ends or (b) I hit a mob with 90 health for 400 damage and consume a (comparatively) huge amount of Force for the damage needed.

My question is:
What do you guys do when you are forced to move (and Project is on cooldown) or want to finish off a low-health mob ?

Nothing (like me)? Something else that I am missing?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
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