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I believe You misunderstood all the light and dark side points a bit here.

After completing Trooper and almost done with Inq I'm grey. Why? Because It's more of being rational.

Example. Taris planet quest - You have a option to open a hangar and let leave the civilians or let them die in space port. What serves Empire best? Let the civis spread the word about crushing victory over Republic. Let them seed panic. What You gain - light side point. Why? Because You help to make Empire to became stronger over Your own twisted nature.

Basicaly what I see in this game is that when I'm acting to make Empire stronger I usally get light side points. Does this means I'm light side Sith? Heretic? Not at all. I'm doing exactly what latter on have been done by Palpatine. Secure the strenth of goverment, make my name recognised by Mofs and Comanders, make as much powerfull alies as possible and than take control of strong, stable stucture eliminating all others with help of those who are in my dept. It's still self gain interest but on larger scalle.
You can care about Your companions also as being totaly selfish only from selfish reasons. No one is allowed to insult or make fun of them beside me. They are my toys so no one can play with them and game still rewards me with light side points.