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Wait wait wait...
Let's see if I get this straight...
I currently have 4 characters, 2 healers, 1 dps and 1 tank...
So in theory, I could do EV to the last boss on my first healer, then switch to the other healer and finish the op, then do KP to the last boss on my first healer and again switch to the other healer at the boss...
And then, and this is the sneaky part, start a raid with my first healer, and once everyone is in switch to my dps or tank and only have to kill the last boss, and once my second healer, dps and tank have all done the last bosses in EV and KP, finish the ops with my first healer and get all the BH comms?
So I only need to do everything up to the last boss once and just do the last bosses 4 times?
Once you kill the last boss once obviously that also is included in the lockout, meaning you can't just get 4 characters and kill the last boss 4 times.
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