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Yep, but growing as a person means to me that you can use reason instead of instincts and emotions.

If you can't help your loved one(s) of course it will feel very bad, but really mature person can handle and process this without "falling out of character". Maybe they wouldn't want to live anymore but at least they wouldn't go into murdering rampage and betray everything.
physical maturity exists, any other is just a silly mumbling of adults who combine some social existence values into account. Every person in love is a highly disturbed being, especially in the first phase of "love", later when there is mostly attachement it looks different but that "love love" is a horrible experience I presume. I think we should also take Force into account, Force users percieve emotions in a different way, good example is a kiss between Jedi Knight and Kira, if a kiss is such a ruckus then Love must drive them crazy and that exaplains Anakin's behaviour. After all what are rules, orders and governments in comparison to the fate of the beloved ones with whom they gonna share their everyday lives and who are the most important people to them, betrayal seems like a little thing.
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