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Sadly for you (based solely on your sig lol), Corso would be highly unlikely imo. First, he does not seem to fit the mold; his boyishness is more of an "aw, shucks" country-boy type, not a bicurious type -- as demonstrated in his OGR behavior, as well. And with this romance, in particular, there would be a *lot* of work restructering the entire romance arc, rather than just flipping a gender switch.
I actually completely disagree. my first smuggler, my 'testy' back in beta, was male... and the minute Corso appeared my 'gaydar' went into overload. this has got nothing to do with that weird concept of 'bicurious' (so no 'I'm only gay for you' garbage) ... he may be the 'texan farm boy' stereotype to an extend, but I don't know if you've actually played his whole arc or not... the boy's got some past. he likes to treat women nice, and he's definitely waaaaay too nice in a OGRA, something I can't see him doing in a SGRA where he knows he doesn't have to be a 'hero' and 'protecting his lady' (which he already does even when you don't have a relationship with him as a female smuggler)

not forgetting to mention that he's still using that 'flirtly, sparkly smile' even when the smuggler is male, so yeah...

granted that's just my person opinion, but I'm pretty sure there's 'country boys' who are bisexual or gay, and as I said before I could see a relationship with a boy like Corso being way different depending on their gender (might just be personal experience but I'm not getting into that one. lol)

I also want to add: even if this wasn't planned, I'm pretty sure that BW is aware that a lot of folks really really enjoy Corso, more than the other male romancable companions, anyway (and seriously, if you want to go by 'stereotypes', I can say I'd be kinda bothered if the only guy made available for SGRA would be someone like Quinn)

on top of that, considering BW seems to have that route of giving at least one romance option per class/gender, I'd say the same was probably planned for a homosexual romance. and then Corso is the only option for a smuggler anyway (Bowdaar or Guss? really? eh yeah... Guss is like 13 and Bowdaar 300 :P)