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The Hutts have been very bothered and have tried to snuff out G0-T0 and the Exchange, to no avail.

G0-T0 is a droid. Experience for him doesn't need to be learned. Also, a lot can happen in 4 years on Nar Shaddaa. Also, if what you say is true and he's only been "alive" for 4 years, look how fast he rose to power.

The Zann Consortium is more powerful in military strength, yes. But you are totally wrong when you say the Exchange can't influence planets. Quite the opposite. The Exchange can impact things on a global scale without the need of conquering it. Hence it's an underworld organization. Just look at the operations on Taris, Telos, and Nar Shaddaa for proof.

Nobody said Zann was stupid. He just has an ego, he's arrogant, he's ruthless, and his emotions will end up with him making a mistake that G0-T0 will be more than happy to exploit.

Sending Urai on missions is exactly what Zann would do, but exactly what he shouldn't do. The hawk man will undoubtably be captured, and G0-T0 will have a valuable ally.
You mean one Hutt, it is stated in game that the reason for this is that the Hutt council doesn't consider G0-T0 a threat.

What are they doing on Taris? Telos and Nar Shaddaa? They are smuggling extorting and racketeering, they are making deals with big corperations, a partial exception being Telos where they are making some in roads into Cerka Corp, however Zann has made contracts with several Mandore companies, and large groups on other worlds.

If G0-T0 could effect worlds directly he would not have needed the Exile to his work for him.

Again you under rate Zann and his forces while making G0-T0 out to be some sort of god. Zann does not make many, if any, mistakes and G0-T0 is not as clever as you think, squid face hide his planes from him extremely well, not to mention G0-T0 gets taken out by the remote. Mr Fenn, he has a name you raciest, is far clever then you give him credit, he would scrap any HKs that come after him, they didn't do too well against force sensitives, not to mention he is close to 4'000 years old, he was alive during the Great Sith War, you don't live that long in the underworld with out great skill. He also EXTREMELY loyal to Tyber so your beleif that he would turn is laughable.

Here is how I see it going down;

Tyber sends out Urai on a mission to find G0-T0, who has been taking over Tybers droids. G0-T0 send out some HKs and Hanharr to capture him. After a fierce fight Urai destroys the droids. He then fights Hanharr, after a brutal battle Hanharr takes Uari back to G0-T0 where they prepare to interrogate him, when Tyber shows up in the "Merciless" and disables G0-T0's yatch. G0-T0 is then destroyed by Hanharr(who was bribed by Tyber via Holo) and Urai while Nightsisters bord the ship.
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