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From the post Target Tracking doesn't work for Unload in merc forums

Quote: Originally Posted by AllisonBerryman View Post
Thank you for the reports about Deadly Cannon and Target Tracking, everyone! We're aware of this issue and are working on a fix for it.
A good example below for Cell Charger talent bug in Commando forum.

We did not get a yellow response in that thread. However we linked it in another thread in customer service in which they responded. Thankfully they redesigned the talent. Cause quite often you would not get ammo restored for over 30 seconds which i also posted about as well as the above log.

To say they never respond in class forums is a falcity. While i don't see many they do respond at times. I certainly wished they responded a lot more often though.

As for 5 2 minute dummy tests. 2 minute tests are a total waste of time. You might crit for 25% in one test and 65% in another. Longer tests provide a better average. I'd suggest 6 min tests at the very least and preferably 10-12 min. I typically use 10-12 min tests myself. However you can just napkin math what each ability does and skip the parsing. My only suggestion was to ensure you use Unload wether Barrage procs or not. Barrage only provides approx an 18.9% actual increase to Unload as it's 25% additive and not muliplicative. So even without the Barrage proc Unload still does more dps than a Tracer Missle. Note Target Tracking was fixed for Unload in 1.3.2 which increased Unloads dps and made the above feasible. Hence one reason why i said to update your post.
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