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01.03.2013 , 01:05 AM | #26
I've got a terrible headache, so please correct me if I talk utter non-sense, but I'd think taking the 15% crit on DS isn't that bad an idea for Balance, or hybrid specs that involve either Kientic or Balance. For Infil I don't know. A guildie has been running the 50+ force set for Waka-jinn, and I'm inclined to think, that depending how much up time you have, that that bonus set isn't that bad of an idea for infil specs, especially Waka-jinn, but again the effects might be negated by Shadow's respite. Thinking is hard atm, headache! Obviously, testing would have to be done..

I know, it's a rather off-topicy question and I'm sure I'd have figured it out without that terrible headache (ahem, cough, cough), but Xin, what did you mean with the 39% on force attack crits, when you talked about DS crits?

Edit: Forgot to talk about full Kinetics and why I think the PvP set bonus is favorable:
In my opinion in Kinetic you can get a maximum of 2 DS out before you should proceed with your normal rotation, as you'll loose time and too much force. You're not that dependant on the PA proc, and the priority should be to get your TKT going in a timely manner. One could argue though, that the +50 force set might also be worth getting for full Kinetics as you'd be able to fish for the PA proc a bit more, but you can't put in the pressure you need when you just keep on DSing for the proc.