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Maybe 1 in 20 PUGs will I come across someone I don't want to group with again, and it's always because they had an attitude problem or did something like queue up as tank when they are DPS spec/geared. Most runs are smooth, and disbanding because we can't beat a boss is exceptionally rare.

Yet I frequently hear people say they've sworn off PUGs or they hate them or whatever.

I see a number of possible explanations:

People like to complain/act superior
Bad players who do not know they are bad complain that groups are bad (unlikely that this is a main factor, I think)
People get upset really easily/I'm really easygoing

Or it could be that I'm an awesome healer who makes up for bads. Of course this is my favorite theory, but I am biased, so I want to find out what other people have experienced and think.
i can carry undergeared group ok healing in my dps gear, but most of the time i end up with bad pugs becuase they just don't follow instrutions, ie tank pulls multiple mobs and is in a dps stance, dps stands in aoes or dragged them into healer/tank, healer doesn't heal and thinks its ok if he doesn't heal ever. about 1 out of 10 i get one of those groups and place them into my ignore and move on but with that said i want/need a bigger ignore list. mine on all my imp toons is full and been full for a while due to that fact i don't want to get groupped with those about pugs.