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Sorry EAWare but a single planet is not considered an expansion for any mmo. $10 isn't a lot of money but it shouldn't cost anything to subscribers to be honest. You have made a killing with the f2p shop, it's not like you're not making money off this game already! Not to mention you can't even purchase it with CC coins, just seems to me like another nickel and dime grab from your loyal fans.

I don't understand where you feel entitled you should receive an expansion for free. Five new levels complete with skills new operations flashpoint companion quests a new planet (which no details of size has been released) new warzones and we can only assume new daily quest hubs unlocked on said planet...all of this for 20 bucks tops and you feel the right to complain about having to purchase it? More so you feel nickel and dimmed you can't purchase it through Carmel coins...which you get a decent amount for free each month if you sub. I don't know what games you e played in the past but expansions or updates of this size usually constitute a purchase fee. Look at console games played spend 15-20$ on 3-5 new maps for first person shooters and maybe a handful of new guns all of which are just really new skins and don't make or break gameplay. And you're having a **** fit over 10$ for a decent amount of content. Get over yourself for a minute and before you slander a company over something you should at least make sure it has at least some validation instead of it just being your personal feelings.

Believe if or not game companies take everything their players say to heart and when you spend time creating something, time spent away from personal obligations, only to have uneducated people slander them it does weigh on them and as much as they would like to just brush it off it sits with them and effects how they go about future content. Which could be both positive and negative. But in this case ifs more so the latter. I for one recently came back to this game and they have made huge strides as a company to solve some issues and improve upon quality of gameplay. They admit they aren't perfect but the game is still very new. People just need to give it time and keep stupid opinion to themselves imo.