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Thanks for the replies all, some more useful than others

Actually my force crit is 26.5% fully buffed, i still have to augment 5 pieces so i guess i'll be looking at the resolve augment for that, that should give me an additional 90 willpower which should raise the buffed crit to about 28% if i'm lucky.

2500 Willpower?! Is that even possible in pvp??
I have 1800 right now and have min/maxed most of them for the WH (except the augs).
Ok i'm not using a rich man's mods and armorings But they are definitely decent enough.

I have kept my Expertise fairly high though, it's at 1208, am i making a mistake by keeping it there?
Fully buffed, with resolve stim in mostly 63 PVE gear I'm close to 2400 WP, but that wouldn't be ideal in PVP. I'd say cap out a little over 1200 expertise, put in power crystals in main and off hands, and resolve 27 armorings with PVP mods in a custom belt and bracer. But try out some different builds and see what you like.
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