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Have any hybrid Jugger's/Guard's been able to approach those stat weights?

Assuming you are using all Mitigation Heavy 27's therefore:

Ear/Implants with 60 Shield + 60 Absorb/Def
Mods with 44 Absorb/Def
Enhancements with 60 Shield + 24 Absorb/Def
1 EHW Relic with +120 mitigation Stat
14 Augments +18 migitation stat per aug

The Stat Budget would be 1716. However because of everything having 60 Shield rating on it. The Minimum amount of Shield Rating gain-able without using Endurance Heavy Enhancements is 600. This however doesn't line up with the suggested numbers for a budget of about 1700.

I tried experimenting with only swapping the enhancements out for the 60end/48shield/24 def or absorb to attempt to bring down shield chance and budget to perhaps levels that would be more obtainable but it ends up leaving you with a budget of 1632 and a minimum shield rating amount of 516 which still wasn't enough

Am I being really dense and just missing something?

Finally would not itemising in such a away as a Jugger make you spikier so to speak?
The suggested stat distribution for juggs is optimal, but not possible due to itemisation. Trying to artificially lower your shield chance wont do anything other then increase your endurance / accuracy, and wont bring you any closer to those values, as you can't trade shield rating for defense.

Just take your ratings and punch them into this spreadsheet if all you want to do is optimise your stat spread: