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01.02.2013 , 10:55 PM | #45
I am experiencing an issue with "crashes-to-desktop" at random, yet regular intervals during gameplay on two different computer systems. Both systems are essentially running the same set up:

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (SP1) [Fully Updated]
(PC1 [DC Diag in log below]) 2 GB RAM, 1 GB Video Card, Core 2 Duo [NVidia Chipset]
(PC2) 6 GB RAM, 512 MB Video Card, Quad Core [NVidia Chipset]

Both PCs will stutter/lag briefly during gameplay (after about 2 hours) and then crash to the desktop. The game client can be restarted, and 2 hours later the same thing happens.

On this PC (PC1) I have

• Run the Microsoft Memory Tool. No errors.
• Set the app to run in windows XP (SP3) Compatibility Mode. No change.
• Updated video card drivers. No change.
• Run chkdsk. No errors.
• Ensured Power Options are set to Performance and sleep is set to NEVER. HDD is not set to shut off either.
• Ensured the Screensaver is not turned on.

No offense... but it's getting damned old. Quick.