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CTD here on Black Talon when I select a destination, or Esseles when I start the last convo after mission complete. Apart from that maybe once a week. Got 12 gigs of ram and sometimes play for atleast 8 hours straight using SWTOR Unleashed.
16 gigs Ram here, Windows 7 64-bit, Intel Core i7 3.4-3.9 Ghz processor, Radeon HD 7770 2-gig video card.

I sometimes play at least 8 hours and only crash to desktop at the end of Esseles or Black Talon, so I feel your pain.

EDIT: Sorry, forgot I had a post above this one, I should have just edited it. Anyone else get a bug where this site sometimes is in German? All the buttons and stuff look like German to me, though my settings in my account are all for English.