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01.02.2013 , 10:23 PM | #19
you feel squishy because now everyone is rocking augmented WH gear where as before is was mostly BM with a few pieces of wh.... and the fact we cannot mitigate 80% of the dmg done in wz's: force and tech. and is now magnified ten fold by the wh gear surge.

absorb and shield are only useful for pve and NPC's who auto attack, completely useless in pvp. so thats 1-2 stats in every mod/enhancement wasted. on pvp specific armor.

the fact shadow tanks are having to use dps gear cause absorb and shield do nothing in pvp should say it all.

ok yes, i admit i do last a bit longer than pure dps prson... but for the sacrifice of any/all dps, i would expect the tradeoff for survivability to be much greater