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This is the same reason you get no darkside points for having a relationship as a knight. It is also why you can't tell companions to leave or kill them, even when it would be in character to do so. People acted like idiots, slaughtered each and every one, then complained that they couldn't play because they had no companions.
You shouldn't get darkside points for falling in love, nor should you get lightside points for choosing to break it off. It is so stupid how everyone assumes that because it's the Jedi Code that says you can't fall in love means that the light side of the Force doesn't want Jedi to love either. The Jedi Code and the lightside of the Force are two totally different entities. The Jedi Code is based out of an interpretation of what the lightside is, it is not a manual for following the path. All well, I suppose this is an issue to be handled for a Star Wars series that takes place post Battle of Endor. You know, when Luke, Grand Master of the New Order marries Mara Jade.
What if Firefly and Star Wars had a kid...